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High Styled Tropical arrangement. Made with lots of orchids Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums, Fugi mums Pe..
Grand Tropics
Grand Tropics...aptly named, as this gorgeous imposing presentation features an upscale assortment o..
Long Elegant Centerpiece
The "Long Elegant Centerpiece" is just that!!  It consists of an impressive selection of premiu..
Lovely Orchids
For a gift that's both elegant and distinctive, consider a bouquet of exotic fresh white cymbid..
Lovely Orchids Deluxe
For a gift that's both elegant and distinctive, consider a bouquet of exotic fresh white cymb..
Make Her Day
Bright colored flowers stylishly designed in a designer vase. To include Hot Pink roses, Purple Orch..
Opulent Orchids
Large centerpiece of stunning Cymbidium orchids arranged in a rectagular shaped glass vase.  ..
Orchid Embrace
Precious dendrobium orchids embraced by a cuff of leaves in a simple but elegant grouping in a glass..
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Orchid Fantasy
Dance in the moon light with,  All the stars in sight   Lots of purple variegated or..
Orchid Rose Bud vase
Graceful orchids arranged with Red roses in a tall glass vase.  The finishing touch is a sheer ..
Orchid Rose Vase Deluxe
Three red roses and stems of variegated purple dendrobium orchids are clustered together in thi..
Orchids and Sunflowers
An elegant basket arrangement that will make a presence at either a memorial service or for someone'..
Protea Centerpiece
This Protea Centerpiece is a dramatic focal point for any table.  Styled of Queen Protea, varie..
White Orchid Standing spray
This luminous display in white conveys a tasteful message of sympathy.  The gracefull..
Artfully Yours
Amethyst glassware is the setting for clusters of liatrus and dendrobrium orchids in the same c..
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